Thanks for the Memories….


The Elks Theatre has been in business since 1911 and has certainly seen its share of crowds in its 101 years of serving the community of Middletown, PA. Going to the movies has been an international tradition for more than a century and The Elks has been the local cinema where you saw your first movie, where your children got scared for the first time, and where you and your sweetheart held hands before you started dating.

As we push to SAVE THE ELKS!, we want you to share what The Elks means to you, your favorite memory here, or tell us about the first time you ever came!  You can create a video using youtube, by uploading it or using your webcam, and then send the link to us by clicking here and we’ll post it! Alternatively, you can use the form below to to describe your experience. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

“Dancing in the balcony with friends during Mamma Mia!” -Anne Einhorn

“As a very young child, I remember going to the Community building on Saturday mornings for the free movie, going home for lunch and then to the Elks for the matinee, which, by the way, only cost 12 cents.  Our family went to the Elks about three times each week.  Back then, the movie changed every couple of days and we saw almost all the movies.  As a teenager and while dating my husband, we frequently went to the Elks.  At one time it cost twenty-five cents and later went up to fifty cents.  My husband was in the Navy while we were dating (I was still in high school), and my girlfriend and I would write letters to our boyfriends while we were waiting for the movie to start.  After getting married we continued to visit the Elks regularly.  Looking back, I realize what a big part the Elks played in my life and the lives of my family and friends.” -Judy Souders

“I’m a new member of the Middletown community and I must say that my favorite memory thus far was getting attacked by a killer rabbit at the Holy Grail screening. The Elks Theatre is a great place to revisit and relive the ultimate art of movie watching. I can’t wait for this weekend and every weekend to come!” -Cara Trabucco

“For those of us who grew up in Middletown, being allowed to go to the 7 o’clock show at the Elks Theatre with friends was a rite of passage. Twenty cents for the show and a nickel for a peppermint stick that lasted for the whole movie made for a complete evening. To this day, I really dislike the megaplexes with their small screens and impersonal environment. I patronize local movies houses in the area, and the Elks is still my favorite. A movie is meant to be experienced on a big screen!” -Mary Bigelow

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