Internship Program

Dead or Alive… but alive would be nice.

As part of the SAVE THE ELKS! Campaign, a we are offering college students from the Central Pennsylvania area internship opportunities.

Unlike other internships, STE! gives students hands-on experience in a leadership position within a non-profit organization’s capital campaign.  Internship experiences can be undertaken for college credit or in exchange for Elks Theatre perks. All interns will get free admission to STE! special events, reduced admission to regular shows, and discounts on concessions.

Positions in the follow categories are currently available:

  • Graphic Design: this position will work with the marketing, business, and campaign administrators. Principal responsibilities include designing the ‘look’ and materials of the marketing campaign; including any pushes for theatre awareness, a logo for the task force, t-shirt design for fundraising and awareness, and  poster design and repertoire program marketing visuals.
  • Marketing: This position will work with the graphic design, business, and campaign admins to develop an effective marketing campaign to increase theatre attendance and general public awareness about the historical significance of the theatre and the necessity for it to convert to digital as soon as possible.
  • Management: This position will work with closely campaign administrators in managing the organization and projects of the cause. This includes answering phones, scheduling appointments and project deadlines, managing the schedule of other interns, and editorial duties (i.e. proofreading, etc.)
  • Social Media: This position is responsible for maintaining the web- based representation of the theatre and its cause on the website and social media. Should have significant experience in website design and social media management, as well as ability to manage blogs and archives.
  • Business and Development: This position is responsible for grant-hunting, grant writing (along with management intern), community out-reach (especially in packaging theatre deals), book-keeping, and proposing new programs for the theatre to aid in future development.
Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to Daniel Santelli, Director of Operations. Subject line should say: ATTENTION INTERNSHIP COORDINATOR.

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