For over 100 years, the Elks Theatre has served as one of the defining historical landmarks in the Middletown Borough and one of America’s oldest continually operating theaters. With programming expanding to include classic films, in addition to the newest hits, we’re seeking your support to help us SAVE THE ELKS! and continue to provide quality films for generations to come.


Whether you’re the head of a non-profit organization, a corporate conglomerate, a local business, or just a straight up movie fan, sponsoring the Elks Theatre allows us to continue programming events/screenings while giving YOU a boost.

Sponsors will be recognized in all promotional advertising. This includes any posters, lobby cards, press materials, and Internet outreach. We invite you and the members of your organization to introduce the film prior to its showing, as well as promote your business to patrons as they enter the theater. Furthermore, we’ll grant complimentary admission to yourself and 25 people of your choice.

How are the films picked?

Currently, our monthly repertory screenings are selected based on seasonal events and holidays of the given month. We aim to garner the largest audience possible by adhering to family- friendly programming. As a general note, please be sure to check the MPAA rating and parental warning guides prior to attending each screening, as some programming selections are NOT suitable for younger audiences. Send your programming suggestions to our programmer, Dan Santelli.

Will My Contribution Pay For All Expenses?

No, but it will give us the boost we need to get the ball rolling. In general, programming a classic film can cost between $250 and $350. However, this doesn’t account for shipping costs, which usually fall between $150 and $200—film prints are heavy. Other costs include overhead (advertising, A/C, electricity, maintenance, etc.) and some labor costs. This is why we need YOUR HELP to ensure that we continue to provide the best programming possible for the Middletown community!

When is the contribution due?

We must receive your donation at least a full week prior to the screening of the film. Please make your check out to: GMEDC (Greater Middletown Economic Development Corporation).

Questions? Get in touch with us!

Please e-mail Dan Santelli, our Director of Administrative Operations and Repertory Film Programmer, at danfortheelks@gmail.com with questions, concerns, suggestions, programming ideas, or sponsorship opportunities.

Great! Choose from one of the following options to get started.

Online Sponsorship Application (insert link)

Downloadable Application (just mail it in!)

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