Call 717-944-1002 for showtimes.

If you have any questions about showtimes or general information about the Elks Theatre, click here to email the manager, Kelly Madole.

For general questions about the SAVE THE ELKS! Campaign click here.

For further information about the Repertory Program or film sponsorship opportunities, email Programmer Daniel Santelli.

If you’d like to mail in a donation or a sponsorship application, it can be send to:
29 S. Union St.
Middletown, PA 17057

6 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. The ladies from the MAHS Class of 1972 would love to get together at the Elks to see the movie “To Sir With Love”. Any chance you could make that happen?

    • Hi Cathy,

      I did some scouting and there are 35mm prints of TO SIR WITH LOVE available, but, sadly, we can’t screen it at this time due to our projection method. I will keep the title on my list, and will update you should anything arise.

      Best regards,

      Dan Santelli
      Repertory Film Programmer

  2. Hello,

    My name is Michael Diffendall, I’m really enjoying your classic film series. Also really looking forward to Saving Private Ryan. I am a WWII Living Historian / Reenactor and wanted to inquire if the theater would be interested in a WWII display setup of equipment and weapons (if allowed) in the lobby to go along with the showing of Saving Private Ryan? You can contact me at my cell 717-315-8055 any time or email me at Hope to hear from you.

    Mike Diffendall
    Hummelstown, Pa

  3. Am I able to pre purchase tickets for Jaws? I don’t want to miss the movie! I am so excited!!
    Thank You
    Also thanks for bringing us The Birds!
    How about Gone With The Wind?

    • Hey Bonnie!

      Tickets for Jaws and all of Spielberg will be available on Monday. Regarding Gone With The Wind, we will absolutely make it w priority once we have digital projection. At the moment, there are no film prints available to us.

  4. Hello Dan. My name is Bill Graham, ( The Preacher), remember me and my daughters? Well, as I mentioned to you, it would be nice to have Elvis Presley back on the big screen. I have just about every original 1-sheet movie poster on Elvis’ movies, you could use for display, if wanted. Also, a western theme with John Wayne movies, such as, Rio Bravo, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence, or The commancheros. Also, any Jerry Lewis movies we mentioned such as The Bellboy, and The Ladies Man. How about also a classic comedy teams format with anything by The Three Stooges and Abbott and Costello. Maybe classic horror themes with Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. Another great movie is Last Train From Gun Hill with Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn. Other ideas would be sci fi like, Invasion of The Body Snatchers(the original), or horror films like, Christine and Dual. How about for the summer, beach movies, like the Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello movies. These are just some ideas I have, in which you might want to consider. It is my pleasure to help you out with ideas.

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