Get a FREE small popcorn and win movie tickets!

popcorn buckets 001

You heard right! At the Elks Theatre, there is always a way to earn a free small popcorn… because the movie experience isn’t complete without that timeless salty snack!

Want it? Pick one thing to do!

1. Join our mailing listIt only takes a second and you’ll get weekly updates on new movies, special deals, and events happening at the Elks. You’ll receive an email with a coupon attached shortly after you sign up.

2. Join our Membership Program. Our new membership program to the Elks start at $30 and guarantee a free small popcorn every time you come!

How do I win MOVIE TICKETS?!?!

1. Press and Journal Trivia Contest. Each week, the Press and Journal will host a trivia question on their Facebook page and their website. Head over to one of them and put your movie knowledge to the test. Two winners win two tickets each weekly!

2. Join our Membership Program. You can start earning free movies by joining our membership program. Start earning at the Producer level ($85).

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